***Ice Report***  2/20/17

We are pulling skid houses off now. If you have a skid house and haven’t made arrangements please give us a call. 320-676-3227.



***Ice Report*** 1-24-17
The cooler weather last night firmed up the area by the bridge very nicely. We are now open and able to allow all vehicle and wheelhouse traffic. Thank you,

***Ice Report***
Due to the abnormally warm weather and rain we will not be open to wheelhouse traffic today. The extra traffic of wheelhouses would put our bridges in jeopardy and rut up the roads beyond repair. We will be open to vehicles without wheelhouses.



***Ice Report***

1-12-17  We are open to vehicle traffic and wheelhouses.  We are pulling all private houses.  All roads are back open. 



***Ice Report***


We are pulling skid houses out south of the center road. We are allowing 1/2 tons but no wheelhouses yet. Make sure you stop into the bar so we can tell you where you can and can’t go.



***Ice Report***

We are now pulling our skid houses out. We are letting vehicle traffic out our access. You are also able to pull wheelhouses out.

***Ice report*** 1-4-17
We have made some progress today . Once the wind quit blowing we were able to get out and do some plowing. We have found 11″+ of ice. We will continue pulling private Fishhouses tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be pulling our big bridges out over the crack that spands point to point. We are trying to get everything ready for possible vehicle traffic for Friday. I will let you know that decision tomorrow.

***Ice report*** 1-3-17
We pulled a few rental houses out today. We are now waiting till Wednesday morning to see how this wind effected anything and if everything is a go in the morning, we will pull private houses for people with sleds and wheelers. We are not yet allowing vehicle traffic.

***Ice Report*** 12-30-16

We had a lot of cracks open up today and are still finding 11″ of ice in a lot of spots. With it not suppose to get cold in the next couple days, it doesn’t look like we will be able to pull out any houses. I will let you know as soon as something changes. We are still allowing wheelers and sleds. A quick fishing report is the fish are going crazy we are seeing just a great number of fish being caught and all sizes from 12″-29″. Some very good reports coming off the deep edges out in the mud during the day. Evening bites have been great as well with people catching fish in the evening on the rocks.

***Ice Report***

We are battling some strong winds today. Not much has changed on the ice. We need to wait and see what the wind does to the lake before we can go any further. We are still allowing wheelers and sleds

***Ice Report***
All the slush and water from the rain on Christmas seems to have frozen. We are seeing 9″-11″. We have pulled a couple rental houses out into the harbor. The roads are staked out to the mud and allowing wheelers and sleds.


***Ice Report***
The guys are out staking all the roads. They are finding 6″to 9″ of ice. We can get 4 wheelers out at this time. We will be out tomorrow and we will continue to stake roads. I will let you know tomorrow of all the reefs we are staked to.


We have 4″-6″ of ice right now.  We dodged a bullet last night we only got 2″ of snow.  We are not allowing 4wheelers just yet we have found a lot of active cracks and we saw open water 2 days ago out by the mud.  We will be back out on Monday and we will let you know.





  • We have had some issues out on the mud with a crack, however we have some bridges out there and can get you to blue jug,no name, boot, 9 mile, sliver. Also our interior roads have been in really good shape. The fishing slowed a bit as far as numbers but we seen some really big walleye and good reports of huge perch.


  • The mud cracked up last night with this wind. We now have a crack running 4′ wide that runs through blue jug, Greg’s and Fishers. As of right now you are not able to get to the mud.


  • We got about 7″ of snow up here the last couple days. The guys have all the roads plowed and opened up. We also have roads to the mud from the boot, no name, blue jug, shultz, rocket , agate and deans. However there is a bad ice heave south of boot keeping us away from nine mile and sliver. With all the snow and wind we got if you have a house on lake make sure you let us know if your taking on water we can get you moved. For wheelhouse going to the mud this weekend make sure you watch the forecast for winds because the lake is still moving.



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