ICE REPORT: Wednesday – January 17th, 2018
We have all the roads plowed and opened up after the blowing snow on Monday. We are seeing some big walleyes these last few days. We aren’t seeing the numbers but some really healthy fat 25” plus fish. We have been seeing some success in shallower water on the rocks.

ICE REPORT: Wednesday – January 3rd, 2018.

ICE REPORT: Tuesday – January 2nd, 2018.  
The guys worked hard yesterday getting roads made out to the mud. We expect them to be open for vehicle travel come Wednesday. Our interior roads are open except for the north road, pollock, and flamingo. The guys will continue to work on those areas and we will keep you posted.

ICE REPORT – Saturday, 12-30-2017
We are pulling customers skid houses out and you can drive to your house. We are not able to use the north road so PLEASE STAY OFF THE NORTH ROAD. Houses won’t be pulled to Flamingo or Pollock yet. We’re also able to allow 1/2 ton trucks and wheel houses out at this time. Make sure you are driving slow –  10 mph or less. We are not able to get to the mud with vehicle traffic yet. Stop at the bar for our map.

ICE REPORT 12-28-2017
We have still been finding spots of 8” of ice in a few areas. We are proceeding with caution due to some of the thinner spots. We are able to pull skid houses out for our customers with wheelers and sleds. We are pulling skid houses to most areas except for flamingo, pollock, and north 2 mile at this time. We are not open to vehicle traffic. We will be checking again in the morning and I will then give you an update.

ICE REPORT 12-26-2017


Ice Report: 12/12/17
We have been out flooding and chipping the rough ice out front the wind brought in.  We are finding about 5″ of ice in most places but still finding spots with 3″-4″.  We will start staking the roads today.








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